Is saving money more important than personal comfort?

My fiance & I are trying to save money to buy our first home.

All of us are currently renting & luckily both of us don’t have to pay for our water bill however both of us are responsible for our electric bill.

Our lake house is small, however when both of us keep the a/c on all the time our electric bill gets up to about $200 a month. This may not seem appreciate alot of money, however if both of us were to save even half of that amount each month both of us could put more towards a down payment for a house. All of us live in the south & it gets unquestionably hot & humid during the summer. When it isn’t too hot, both of us open the windows & use fans. All of us also have a portable air cleaner to remove any pollen that comes in through the windows. Since the start of July, we’ve kept our a/c on all day every day. I am lake house during the summer time because I am a teacher & I stay lake house alot to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Some afternoons it is way too hot to turn the a/c off & keep the windows open especially because I am lake house during the day. At evening it is super hard for our fiance & I to fall asleep without the a/c. All of us keep the control component set to around 72-71 degrees during the day & both of us turn it down to 71-74 at evening. If I guess I won’t be lake house for an extended period of time, I may turn the a/c higher to save money. I don’t turn it completely off because I have a cat & I don’t want his to be hot. I guess at this point personal comfort is more important than saving money.

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