What is that smell?

I was worried when I came home from work and noticed that my home smelled like smoke.

  • Although the smoke detectors were not going off, I was concerned that something smelled like it was burning.

I could not pinpoint the source of the smell though but after several minutes, I noticed that the smell was stronger when my furnace would kick on. I figured that the burning stench must be coming from my furnace so I called up a furnace repair company. They told me that the smell was probably just dust burning off of my furnace and that they would come out the following day. I didn’t sleep well that night because of the smell. It was too cold to simply keep the furnace off all together so I set it just high enough to keep the pipes from freezing. I was happy when a technician from the furnace repair company came out early the next morning. He cleaned out the entire furnace system along with all of my ductwork. The burning smell went away after that. The technician explained that my furnace should be cleaned at least once a year to avoid this kind of problem and to keep my furnace working in excellent condition. Apparently, dust can accumulate and make the furnace break down entirely. This could be a very expensive fix. I’m happy I got a way with just paying about $200 for cleaning. Next time I might not be so lucky. I think I will start scheduling a furnace technician to come out every year, as is recommended.
a/c representative