We need to fix up the van

At this point in time, there’s no heating system in our van, unfortunately, it’s the van that all of us drive every single afternoon for school & work, then when you live in a place with a super cold climate love the one that all of us live in, you just about have to have a working heating system in your car or van, then i would entirely enjoy to put off having the heating system in the van repaired, since I’m kind of short on cash at the time being, then but the problem is that Wintertime is coming soon, then the weather is already cooling off here considerably, & pretty soon the uneven temperatures are going to be in the single digits.

  • It happens around this time every single year, & so I think it’s coming soon! I’m not sure what absolutely happened to the furnace in the car, however one afternoon, it just quit working.

The air conditioning system still works & the air vents all still job as well. But when I switch the temperature control from the air conditioning system to heating, freezing air still comes out. It makes no sense, and at least the heated seats in the car still work, however that doesn’t entirely do you any good only if you’re resting in the front seats. They’re the only seats with heating capabilities. The kids in the back are already whining & complaining about the fact that the heating in the van isn’t doing very well. They say that they freeze the whole time all of us are in the car. I guess I’m just going to have to take the van into the dealership & have them repair the heating equipment professionally, other than that, my kids are just going to be riding around under a bunch of blankets for the winter season.


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