I wish we had thought to use heat pumps

We had a cabin built on our land. We knew we would have to work around a few issues but we also knew that it would be worth it in the end. This land has no water, electricity, or sewage connection to the city. However, there is a well on our land and we were also able to install a septic system. For electricity, we got a solar panel and batteries. The solar panel setup means that our house runs on DC current rather than AC current. We didn’t see this as an issue until we tried to install an air conditioner in our cabin. The window air conditioning unit is designed to run on AC current and so it would not work with our DC set up. We didn’t realize this at first. After a bit of digging, we discovered the whole AC vs. DC issue. After a little more digging, we found out that this issue can be fixed. So we hired an air conditioning technician to rework the wiring in our window air conditioning unit to make it work on the DC current. Now the air conditioner works however we have a new problem. Our solar power cannot create enough electricity to keep the air conditioner running at night. It also cannot keep the heaters running at night during the winter either. A wood-burning stove is enough to keep us warm but it’s harder to substitute air conditioning. We may end up having to buy more solar panels to storm or electricity so that we can keep the air conditioner running at night. In the meantime, we are also looking into heat pumps. Heat pumps use a lot less electricity and provide heating and cooling. I just wish we had thought of that option earlier.

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