I need a car with air conditioning

My spouse and I have shared the same old truck for nearly 10 years. We were fortunate that our schedules always worked out so that we could share. Recently though, I accepted a job offer that will not fit in with her truck-sharing schedule. We started looking around for used vehicles that are in good shape. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money but we both agreed that we needed a newer model car. Who knows how many more years the old truck has left in it. Some of the cars we looked at were not right for us. There was one in particular that I really liked but I didn’t like that it had heated seats. We don’t need those living in the south. I couldn’t see paying a little extra for a car with heated seats that we would never use. A different vehicle we looked at didn’t have superfluous heated seats but it also didn’t have an air conditioner. That’s a problem with the heat and humidity out here. I also wondered what else might not be working in a vehicle where the air conditioner had not been maintained. Then we found a car that is perfect for us. It has working air conditioning and no useless heated seats. It even has a remote starter so I can turn on the car and have the air conditioner running before I hop in it. That will leave me cool and comfortable for my drive to and from work. Obviously, that’s the car we decided to buy. It was more money than we had intended to spend but it was also the best car for the money.