I didn’t know the mechanic’s shop is climate controlled

My buddy, Russell, works as a mechanic and he has been badgering me to apply to work with him. The shop is hiring and Russell says we could have a lot of fun working together. I have not really given much thought to applying to the mechanic shop. I can’t stand the thought of working without heating or air-conditioning. I love cars and I would love to be able to work with Russell but I hate being too hot or too cold. That’s why I’m specifically looking for a job that has heating and air conditioning. I didn’t say this out right to Russell and I think he just started assuming I didn’t want to work with him so he stopped asking me to apply. But last week I went to pick Russell up from his work so that we could go to the mall together. While I was waiting for his shift to end, I was standing outside of the shop when I felt warm air coming from the mechanic’s bay. I was surprised to notice that the bay was heated. I asked Russell to give me a tour of his job and he was more than happy to do so. It was very nice and warm inside where he worked even though the bay doors stay open all of the time. Russell explained that they have a really strong heater in the winter and great air conditioning in the summer and that he’s never too hot or too cold. During the tour, we ran into Russell’s boss and I decided to go ahead and ask for a job application. Now that I know that the mechanic shop has climate control, I would definitely like to work here with Russell.


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