Gaming room needs ductless mini-split system

When I decided to build a man cave, I knew I wouldn’t use mine or traditional sport.

I wanted a man cave for gaming. I decided to convert our entire garage into a gaming man cave. At first, I didn’t think this would cost a lot of money. I already have the computers after all. I just slap some paint on the walls and buy some cheap carpeting. After that, I bought a gaming desk and chair. Those cost a bit of money but I expected that. Then I threw in a small, reused, refrigerator for snacks and I figured I was about done. However, after trying to play my first game in the new man cave, I realized I had a big problem. The garage is not air-conditioned. I had assumed that the garage would stay comfortable because it usually feels pretty nice when I just walk through it. However, it might be comfortable enough to walk through, but it’s not comfortable enough to spend hours in. I started looking at window air conditioning units and planned on cutting a big hole in the wall to install one but then I discovered ductless mini-split systems. They work like a window air conditioning unist but you only have to cut a very small hole. A hose goes through this hole and it connects that outside compressor part to the inside dispenser. That way, there’s no need to cut a huge two foot square hole. I’m definitely going to get one of these. Once that’s done, I will finally be able to play games and stay cool and comfortable too.

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