The sweltering car

The air conditioning in my vehicle was broken and the air conditioning was not working last summer while I was driving around running errands.

  • I was very agitated, and without having air conditioner, I was sweaty and my hair was sticking to my sweaty face all together.

I was fanning my face with a take-out menu from a pizza restaurant with one hand and driving around with the other. When I finally got to my first destination, I ran through the sweltering parking lot and was rewarded with the rush of a freezing cold air conditioner when I stepped through the doors of the grocery store; At first, it was a relief to cool down inside the store. I was ecstatic and very happy more than you can imagine that the store was so cool, because I was genuinely overheated, however the relief slowly turned into discomfort as the icy cold blasts from the air conditioning vents assaulted me and kick my behind almost everywhere I went, however you wouldn’t believe you could be too cold in the summertime, especially after driving around in a vehicle without and away from air conditioner, even though I was shivering in no time. I had gone from overheated and sweaty feeling I was about to die, to freezing cold and covered in goosebumps in genuinely little time. It seemed as if the store had their thermostat set at freezing and I wondered how they could afford to keep their air conditioning system running like that. I was almost happy as a child on Christmas to get out of there and back into my sweltering hot car.


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