The heating system was working better than before

Commonly in the morning hours when I am trying to get to work, the windows get all fogged up in my car. It is always pretty chilly in the morning, and I always have to use the heating system to clear the fog from my windows. Well, the other day, I noticed that the fogged up windows were not going away! I tried to figure out what was wrong and I came to realize that I wasn’t getting any heat from the heating system! I realized that I was not going to make it to work because there was no way I could possibly drive if my climate control system wasn’t working. So later on in the day when it was warmer, I was able to get my car to an auto mechanic. They were able to figure out the problem in a jiffy which I was thankful for. They basically told me that they had to replace the heater core since it was bad. When they replaced that particular part, my heating system was working great again! They also let me know that I needed to regularly check my fluids in my car to make sure there were no leaks. It would definitely be a problem if I was getting a leak from the radiator, which could cause problems with my heating system. When I had my heating system working again, I was really happy about it! Not only did they fix the complication with the heating system, but it seemed that the heating system was working a lot better than before!

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