Surviving Summertime in the South

As you might think, Summertime in in the south has seriously sizzling temperatures. On my way to work 1 day I started to grab an ice cold drink. Soon as I walked into the convenience store I knew something was wrong. It felt absolutely sizzling plus humid inside. I asked the money changer who was toiling with the root budweiser equipment about what was happening. She then replied to me saying that the heating unit was having some serious technical problems plus was in immediate need of repairs. I then took out my purse plus offered her a business card of the Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor I rely on. I told her to give myself and others them a call immediately plus see what kind of maintenance and upkeep work was needed to be done. She then offered their card to her manager; She went into the back office plus made a quick cellphone call. A few minutes later she said that there was a crew already on their way. They did this as an emergency call because they did not want the employees nor the clients to be overheating in the southern heat. Within 30 minutes the repair professionals were there to figure out what was wrong. After a quick look around they knew that it wasn’t a absolutely sizable job. All they basically had to do was change out the air filters plus put in a up-to-date temperature control. In no time the job was done plus both the clients plus employees were quite glad again. The boss offered the guys all free fountain drinks as they left the store plus thanked them.


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