I got pretty good advice about HVAC maintenance from my Grandpa as a youngster

Somebody I have always admired happens to be my Grandpa. He always set a great example and taught me the best way to keep up a household. I really feel I owe it to him because he taught me how to get along pretty well in life. One thing in particular that he would always stress was how important it was to keep up with regular HVAC system maintenance. I probably would have never thought of it as a youngster, but this is something that he easily drilled into my mind. He would always show me important things like how to change the air filters, and he would even let me change them out often when I was there. He also showed me that there are things we can do that we don’t necessarily have to leave to the professionals. When we are careful and know what we are doing, we can shut off the power to the HVAC unit and clean out the inner workings. This allows everything to run a whole lot smoother with the HVAC equipment. He also showed me that it’s important to clean out the outdoor condenser unit in the springtime. This makes it so your air conditioning machines runs great inside the warmer months. Other than that he would always call the professionals for a proper tune-up before the brutal weather seasons. I was able to learn at a young age that the more you keep up with the HVAC system maintenance, the lower your energy bills would be. These days, I follow all of the same advice my Grandpa gave me, and I have saved so much money because of it.


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