Hot and sunny day spent indoors

When you’re running errands in the summer nothing feels better than going into stores with air conditioning.

I was running some errands and looking for some place to step into the air conditioner, however the air conditioner in my car was broken as well as driving around was miserable! Without air conditioner, I was sweating all over the place.

I was fanning my face with a take-out menu from a Chinese restaurant I was at with 1 hand as well as driving with the other. When I finally got to my first destination, I was rewarded with the rush of nice cold air conditioning when I stepped through the doors of the grocery store, but at first, it was a relief to cool down inside the store. I was ecstatic and over the sky the store was so cool, because I was entirely warm. But the relief slowly turned into discomfort as the icy cold blasts from the air conditioner vents bothered me almost everywhere I went, you wouldn’t think in the summertime you’d be cold, especially after driving around in a car without air conditioner, although I was shivering in no time. I had gone from warm to freezing cold as well as covered in goosebumps in entirely very little time. It seemed just as if the store had their thermostat set at freezing below 0 as well as I wondered how they could afford to keep their air conditioner running like that. I was almost happy and over the moon as well as happy with glee to get out of there as well as back into my sweltering hot car.

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