At least there is a/c

Running errands in the summer time months can be a real hassle.

Especially when your car is not working right and the air conditioning in the car is not working on top of it all! All I wanted to do was find a nice place to go to so I could duck into some nice cool air conditioning to cool myself off.

When I finally found a place, which was the grocery store I was going to do my grocery shopping at, I trudged through the sweltering parking lot as well as I was rewarded with the rush of chilly cold air conditioning when I stepped through the doors of the grocery store, then at first, it was a major relief to cool down inside the store. I was blissful with much glee the store was so cool, because I was genuinely overheated and about to die, but the relief slowly turned into discomfort as the icy chilly cold and freezing blasts from the air conditioner vents assaulted me almost everywhere I went in the place, and you wouldn’t imagine that you could be too chilly as well as cold in the summertime months, especially after driving around in a car without air conditioning going on, but I was shivering cold in no time. I had gone from overheated and very sweaty to cold as well as chilly as well as covered in goosebumps in genuinely little time. It seemed as if the actual store had their control device set at chilly as well as I wondered how they could afford to keep their air conditioner running just like that. I was almost blissful to get out of there as well as back into my broke sweltering car.



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