What is that thing? Air duct monster

A few years ago now, my fiance plus I were condo hunting for our current home.

Both of us were expecting a child plus wanted to buy a larger home for the whole family, plus transport in, before her last trimester of pregnancy world around.

Both of us were first time beach house purchasers plus I can admit that when you seriously did not have a clue about the process of buying a house on our own. One older beach house in particular piqued our interest as soon as we saw it. It was located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the historic district downtown. The section seemed quaint, homie, plus inviting. Both of us got out of the car plus walked into the house and we’re blown away. Right away, the people I was with and I adored the floor plan; Even though the condo was entirely old, it had an updated feel. There were more than two rooms plus an office. There was a massive fireplace in the dining room, so the people I was with and I would save money on utility bills. We went into the garage and I pulled down the ladder to inspect the attic, turned on the light plus climbed into the space. The first thing I looked at was this huge duct monster. It looked like the air ducts were imploding. The air ducts honestly were barely held together with duct tape that was peeling apart from itself. There were visible cracks plus holes in the janky air ducts. All of the air duct was in entirely terrible shape. Both of us told our agent that the condo would need to be fixed with all current air ducts before we made an offer.

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