Winter Classrooms with No Heaters are Not for the Weak

I used to be a teacher back in the day.

I have long since found a better job, but I still remember teaching days as if they were yesterday.

I remember one time when the heating plan stopped now working in the classroom. I was teaching in a rural town, as well as it was freezing there. There was no central oil furnace, so each classroom had to use a small heating plan that plugged in. In the middle of teaching symbolism in stories, the heating plan decided to stop working, and I became sad. The electricity had gone out, as well as the students started whining and complaining about cold that descended on us without the heater. The importance of symbolism would be abruptly forgotten in the worry over the oil furnace. I expected the principal to cancel the rest of the classes because of the furnaces, however an announcement came over the intercom announcing that classes would continue for the time being. Without the oil furnaces, my students bundled up until the end of the class. Two more hours passed until the principal finally decided to send the students back to their moms and dads until the power came back on and the heaters could work once again. I don’t guess how long it will take until the maintenance crew can repair the electricity, and therefore the heaters, but I truthfully hope that the principal doesn’t decide to try another day without heating. It was certainly awful.

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