Touching the Portable Heater was a Lesson Learned

I am a first-time mom and my little boy is three years old.

I have certainly no idea what I am doing as a mother, as well as I am really upset that by the time that I am done with this kid, he is going to be paying big bucks for therapy.

One thing that I do as a parent is to teach my little boy not to do things that could hurt him; Some parents protect their kids as well as never let them get hurt, but I sometimes do not agree with that. I have come to realize that experiencing can often be a much better teacher. I have a propane wall furnace in my home that keeps the entire home warm, my central a/c and furnace stopped working a long time ago, as well as since my home is not at all large, I am able to use this one heating plan to keep my entire home the perfect temperature. The only problem is that my little guy is consistently wanting to touch this oil furnace. The actual flame in the heating plan has a glass panel over it as well as a metal grate, but even so the frame of the heating plan still gets hot enough to cause a blister on your hand, and of course because of that, I have been trying to keep my toddler from touching the oil furnace. Every time that I tell him no about the oil furnace, he seems even more determined to stick his fingers on it. I told him that the heating plan will hurt a lot, even though he didn’t care. One day, he grabbed it when I turned around for a minute, and he blistered his hand. I felt awful for him, even though he hasn’t put his fingers anywhere near the heating plan again, as well as the blister wasn’t awful at all!


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