Portable Heater is Not as Good as the Reviews Suggested

Honestly, the part furnace is a huge disappointment

I just purchased a modern part heater, as well as I was really excited to use it. I have a now working oil furnace, however my family room has twelve foot ceilings, as well as our family room never gets as toasty warm as the rest of the house. To help with this, I have wanted to get a part furnace for a long time. However, I didn’t just want to buy any old heater. I wanted a nice portable furnace with reliable temperature control. I figured that if I purchased a really powerful heater, I wouldn’t have to deal with my home ever being too cold! Even if my furnace stopped working properly, I would have the little portable furnace to keep myself and others hot until the Heating as well as A/C serviceman could get the actual furnace repaired. I did some research, as well as I finally found a part furnace online that I thought would be ideal. This part furnace had consistently positive reviews, as well as some people said that they would be able to heat the entire first floor without central heating and only using the portable heater. I thought that this sounded great, and since so many people claimed that these part oil oil furnaces were the bees knees, as well as I thought that the price was not too high. If this part furnace was able to heat an entire floor of my house without the need for the central heating, it would honestly be worth the price they were asking. I finally purchased the part heater, as well as this month was the first day that I had reason to plug it in. Honestly, the part furnace is a huge disappointment. I have had the part furnace running since early this morning, as well as my room isn’t noticeably warmer, even with the furnace functioning. I am sure it can not replace the furnace.
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