It takes weeks to get the HVAC fixed

I have a landlord that doesn’t respect his tenants.

The home I am living in is absolutely adorable and I am glad to be in such a nice home.

The only downfall is when you need to have any work done on your heating system. Part of our lease is that we are not allowed to call the HvAc company. As the tenant I need to call the landlord first and have him either call the HVAC company or to come and fix the HVAC system himself. The furnace is quite old, but I don’t think it is too old to be repaired, which makes it aggravating. There have been several times when I have had a problem with our furnace. I would call the landlord and ask him to call the HvAC company. If he does decide to call the HvAc company, it sometimes take him as much as a week to make that decision. Then a couple of days later, after they have been called, they may show up to work on the furnace. I have gone as much as two weeks without any heat. I have several portable space heaters that I keep cleaned and ready to be used at all times. I can’t afford to let my family get too cold and get sick, so I need the space heaters. My family loves the house and they don’t want to move, but something needs to be done. We can’t make it work when we have a landlord who has no respect for the well being of his tenants.



Air conditioning technician