Follow the Directions that come with Your Portable Heater

I am a bit freaked out that I almost completely burned down my home because of a stupid oil furnace.

I should have known that the part furnace was going to be problematic.

My first mistake was purchasing the cheapest part furnace that I could find. For under $50, I purchased a portable electric furnace at the hardware store. I have a drafty house, as well as I want the portable furnace to use in my home office at night because it is cold. Even though this part furnace has a really high thermostat setting, I was really upset that the power cord on the part furnace didn’t look all that great. The part furnace mentioned that it was really safe. This part furnace is the kind of portable heater that was filled with oil. The part furnace didn’t get really hot, however it is intended to serve as a supplementary heater. However, the furnace did have a high setting, but even though the option was there, the guidelines warned that you shouldn’t set the heater on the warmest setting while sleeping or not at home. Well, I only intended to use the part furnace at night, as well as I figured that the safety settings on the part furnace would be fine. Sadly, that wasn’t true. A few weeks after plugging my part furnace in for the first time, the power cord began to melt. The safety settings didn’t shut the heating plan off, and it was the odor of the smoke on the smoldering carpet that awakened me before I perished. I will be sure to follow the directions on my next portable heater.

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