A/C Project at Trade School Causes Me to Get Suspended

This week, I was involved in a fight, as well as I was suspended from trade school for a few afternoons, it all started with something stupid, and the cause of the fight in my trade school was a window air conditioner.

It wasn’t the air conditioner that was being used to keep us cool, however it was an air conditioner that was being used to determine whether or not I passed a class in trade school.

I was part of a small mechanical class where all of us students were learning how to maintenance mechanical objects. For my class project, I was assigned to get a broken window air conditioner to work properly. Apparently, these were the outdated window air conditioners that used to be used at the school before they could afford to install a central air conditioner. The trade school would supply all of the parts for the window air conditioners, as well as when the air conditioners were working like new again, the people I was with and I would then give them to a local homeless shelter so that the ladies there could have a/c. I had nearly completed my air conditioner. I spent hours taking the air conditioner apart carefully so I could remember how to put the air conditioner back together when the time came. I finally figured out the problem with the air conditioner, as well as I abruptly put it back together. I was about to plug in the air conditioner to test it out when some other students came up as well as threw my air conditioner to the floor, however he was jealous because he hadn’t even figured out how to take the air conditioner apart. I got so mad about it that I punched the guy in the eye.

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