Both of us did not entirely have zone control

When our bestie Megan and I purchased our first house, the more than one of us thought it came with Heating and A/C zone control, just about every room in the lake house had a wall mounted thermostat, but both of us had heard of zone control and were so gleeful to test it out, and i learn all the positives of having this kind of Heating and A/C equipment, then you can control the heating and air in each room of the home, unused rooms don’t need to be heated or cooled, so you save money, however the Heating and A/C unit has a longer lifespan since it is not pushing to heat or cool a giant home, then comfort is at a maximum because each room is tailored to perfect weather conditions control.

Couples are said to live in harmony since they have their own weather conditions controlled space, and megan could have cooling in the dining room while I appreciate quality heating in our office.

Well it took us about a week to realize the two of us did not have zone control. The lake house just had a bunch of thermostats mounted in the house, each thermostat linked to the same central Heating and A/C unit; So when I changed the amount of heating in the office, Megan got blasted in the dining room. When he wanted more AC, I was then getting hit with cooling. Both of us spent a whole week increasing different thermostats before the two of us realized that the lake house would only be 1 temperature… Now the more than one of us are super bummed. I think want zone control Heating and A/C and all the energy savings with it. It is going to be luxurious to change over to it though.

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