Heating and Air Conditioning cost cut with better Heating and Air Conditioning practices

I have no problem using my time to save us some money.

  • This means cutting coupons or changing the oil in our cars myself.

There undoubtedly isn’t much that I won’t do in order to save a few bucks. I won’t cheat, steal or lie however that’s about it. I’ll happily venture to a neighboring town to secure some deep discounts. It’s not just purchases that I focus my savings power on. I do it with all sorts of things that are on our household budget. A big area that is rich for cutting costs was the Heating and Air Conditioning use in our home. Our region is hot so, the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling is running a great deal of the year. This can drain a bank account if left unevaluated. It only took a few behavioral changes to split the utility costs from the Heating and Air Conditioning by a big margin. The first thing I did was to focus on keeping as much Heating and Air Conditioning treated air inside our home. So, I started with a caulking gun and sealed any and all cracks in the exterior and the interior of my home. I also resealed all the windows in the house. Finally, I tore out all the weather stripping around the doors and updated those. All of the windows in our beach current home are double paned so, that is a big plus. I even went to the attic and sealed the entire perimeter. Then I laid down some additional insulation as well. I also had a supplier come in to wash the air ducts. It was fine to get them cleaned but I was after getting the duct joints resealed. 30 percent of Heating and Air Conditioning treated air can be leaking out of the average home’s air ducts.

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