A dual heating method would be great-but out of the budget

My spouse is on me that our next Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit should be a hybrid system.

Both of us live in the north and being efficient with Heating, Ventilation, and A/C is not legitimately possible.

The most efficient Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component would be a heat pump system. This multiple for a single method uses existing heat energy in the air quality rather than creates it, for heating, the energy is pumped from outside to inside the home. To create a cooling effect, the heat energy is pushed to the outdoor unit. The air quality is fresh and clean. The yearly bills are super low. The problem is that you need heat energy for it to work. In the north all of us get hot and cold temperatures in the downside twenties. Even burying the heat pump underground and having it be geothermal would not work. It simply would not be able to heat to the level all of us need. My spouse is on me that all of us need to be more efficient though. She wants to combine a heat pump with a gas furnace, making it a hybrid heating system. The heating system would automatically change from electric to gas based on temperature. Basically whenever possible, our method would try to use the heat pump function to save energy. When super frigid days roll in, the gas furnace would be used. I agree, having an energy efficient heating opening would be great. But, a heat pump alone is super fancy… A gas furnace is pricy. A hybrid method is a little bizarre than buying the multiple separately. But, the cost of it is obscene. I can’t legitimately justify purchasing the is kind of system.

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