Needed good coaching when I took over an SEO business

I come from a family of cash, and due to this, I knew I would be able to invest in any company I wanted to once I graduated from school, i got our numerous year degree plus I ended up investing in an SEO business.

I am the CEO of the search engine optimization corporation.

I figured our numerous year degree would be enough to suppose how to manage our team, encourage sales plus have a successful business. I was totally wrong, but after a month of being way over our head, I decided to do something about it. I could not ask for help from the team or even from our father. I needed outside assistance to guide myself and others in the right direction. I ended up going to company leadership workshops to get company coaching. It was love getting company counseling really. I got to talk to fellow professionals who are successful in their fields. I was given strategies on how to properly lead a team. I gathered how to provide good, consistent feedback that was actionable plus positive. I also l acquired how to encourage the team to get more sales in order to generate resite, but turns out some of the company tactics I was trying was easily counterproductive. I was offering a whole team bonus if a single portion of our crew was able to achieve something. This causes resentment among the ranks plus pressure, but not a good program at all. The company seminars were so helpful plus I got a lot of studying material from it. I hope I can now be a good CEO to our team members.

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