The A/C tech didn’t like my lucky old coin

For awhile, I was really down on my luck.

I got into a serious automobile accident, then I ended up fighting with my jerk boyfriend, plus then my childhood pet died.

While I was walking on the sidewalk, I came across an old, seasoned coin, one that dated back to 1870. I was astonished at my advantage of finding such an unusual and scarce coin, plus knew I could get a possible advantage out of finding it. Later on in the day, I started getting painful memories, so I decided to read the coin. The coin was a rusty red color, plus had many marks on it. It actually had seen a lot, if coins could see. I decided against trying to sell it, plus deemed it my lucky coin. I had just installed a brand new air conditioner Last year, which had been running perfectly. I got a great price for such a nice high-priced A/C plus was super proud of it. Although I made the mistake of accidentally flipping the coil, plus it fell down into the air conditioner vents. I panicked momentarily, despite the fact that I knew I could get it back out if it was taken apart. I called the same Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker to come plus dismantle the air conditioner unit. He arrived plus gave myself and others the smell eye the whole time, he wasn’t actually glad about taking it apart after just installing it, that’s for sure. While I felt sympathy for his situation, I desperately wanted that coin back. I pointed out the lucky coin plus he threw his hands up in the air “That’s what you wanted so badly?!” he practically tossed the coin to me, before putting the cooling device back together plus stomping away.

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