Andy Does a Home Repair

After college, Andy spent some time studying HVAC. He did not finish the program, nor did he received a certificate. He did learn a lot during his time in HVAC school so he was able to do his own repairs and help friends and family with theirs. Andy is a very friendly person who knows a lot about the air conditioner repair business. One weekend, his own A/C started blowing warm air. Andy was able to resolve the problem without having to call an HVAC company for repair. Andy’s friends and family were always contacting him with their HVAC needs. Most of the time, Andy was able to solve their problems quickly. One time, his brother called him about a problem he was having with this HVAC system. Andy knew from his short time in HVAC school that the issue his brother was having could only be managed by a professional. Andy went ahead and called the HVAC company he knew and trusted to set an appointment for his brother. Although he was not able to help, he found his brother a local HVAC technician who had all of the necessary tools to do the repair. His brother was very grateful for Andy going the extra mile with assisting him with his HVAC needs. Andy has repaired his own A/C many times and although he is not the most knowledgeable, he is able to get the job done one way or another.


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