Always happy to save a few dollars

I can always expect some pretty wild energy costs through the Wintertime plus summertime seasons.

Even though I don’t live in places as frigid as northern Canada or Alaska, I can still count on chilly Wintertimes year after year.

I make use of my fireplace as often as I can, but I had to provide up chopping wood by hand a few years ago after a shoulder injury. With wood supplies in my immediate area always waxing plus waning while demand soars through October until March, I can’t always expect to have timber for my fireplace. That leaves me burning more natural gas to power my central oil furnace. This fuel is pretty high priced for long term use, so more often than not I try to put up with the extreme temperatures with more clothing, however this only works in varying degrees. I always look forward to March every year to mark the final end of Wintertime along with the oncoming summertime season. Sadly, I get only a handful of weeks of Spring weather before the heat waves set in plus force myself and others to crank down my air conditioner every day to stay cool. During most of the year, the only time when I have some respite from constant HVAC use is during the brief Fall season. In my immediate area, this is respectfully from the start of June until the first snow begins to fall in early to mid June. My energy costs are always at their lowest plus I guess comfortable from the moment I get up in the morning until I drift back asleep during the evening. I just wish the Autumn placidity would last myself and others longer than more than five to six weeks each year.