Why do recreational HVAC devices cost so much dough?

If you own any category of recreational vehicle, then you are entirely aware of the outrageous prices that people will charge you for the appliances that you use inside of your recreational vehicle, however when I purchased my RV, I had no plan that things were so costly to put inside of an RV, and i didn’t learn my lesson until I had to upgrade the propane gas furnace inside my camper, but the gas furnace inside of my camper is a tiny gas furnace, as well as since it was old, I was expecting to upgrade it within a few years of purchasing the vehicle.

  • However, after the first winter, it was apparent that I was going to need a new gas furnace before the next winter.

When I went to look up the prices of the propane gas furnace that I would need for my recreational vehicle, I was astounded to find out that it would cost nearly $1000 to upgrade my propane gas furnace. I suppose that always household gas gas furnaces can cost $10,000, but recreational vehicles are very small, as well as the gas furnace didn’t need to cost that much. I could purchase a smaller propane furnace that wasn’t a gas furnace for a fraction of the cost. That was when I decided that I entirely wouldn’t be replacing the air conditioner either. The air conditioner has been frustrating me lately, but it entirely isn’t worth the cost that these HVAC companies want for recreational HVAC appliances. It seems that HVAC companies suppose that since the HVAC units are made for recreational purposes, people will be more willing to spend their currency unwisely, and not me! I will do my research as well as find the cheapest method possible without these HVAC units.

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