You always need to make your plans

My wife and I have moved several times during our lives.

This will be the fourth time for my moving and her sixth. It is the third time we have moved just during our marriage. I love moving into new homes, but I hate the process of selling the old one. You need to get the old home in the best possible shape so that it will get a good price. The amount you make on the house, should be enough to get a good payment for the new home. We knew that the current house was going to need to have the hardwood floors redone and the entire house needed to be painted on the inside and out. We put a new roof on the house and then we realized there was an odor in the house. We actually thought that something had died in the ductwork, it was so bad. We had to call the HVAC company to come and check out the ductwork. We were hoping that would fix the odor. We weren’t expecting to find out that the ductwork was full of holes and cracks and that it needed to be replaced. We had another HVAC tech outside looking at our air conditioning unit. That was also bad news when they told us it was so old that there was no way they were going to be able to repair it. It was really expensive to install new ductwork and a new AC unit. I couldn’t believe it when they told us that they were able to work with us on a payment plan.


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