What happened to all of the window AC units?

Have you ever noticed that if you want to buy something that pertains to summer, you had better shop for it during the winter or spring.

Unfortunately, you don’t know that your air conditioner is going to break down during the winter or spring. If you do find the air conditioning unit that you want, you are going to pay through the nose for it. I knew that I was probably going to need to spend a lot of money for my air conditioning unit when the old refused to work. I stood there stewing when I saw the price of that air conditioning unit. There were space heater sitting there staring at me. They all seemed to be priced reasonable and some of the space heaters had some great features to them. The one had the ability to shut itself off if it started to overheat. It also had the ability to shut itself off the unit were tipped over, or even picked up. It was oil filled and it was said to be highly efficient in heat and energy use. I couldn’t believe that I wanted to buy an overpriced air conditioning unit, when I would have easily been able to buy a brand new space heater for a good price. I am so sick of all of these early season sales. Next they will be having space heaters sitting there at Easter and the air conditioning units will be available at Thanksgiving. Regardless of what they were selling the space heaters for, I was here to buy an air conditioning unit.

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