We now have a new and more efficient furnace

I don’t know of anyone who has never had a difficult time in their life.

I know my boss makes me so angry that I want to scream.

I also have a lot of time when we need to go without power because of storms. It never fails that when it storms, there is damage to our power lines. The worst thing that has ever happened to me, has been when the furnace broke. This was just recently and I will always remember it as if it were yesterday. I ended up going a full winter without a working furnace. There was no way I was going to be able to afford to purchase a new furnace right now. I was so low on funds that I was wondering if I was going to be able to afford groceries. The only saving grace was that there was a fireplace in the house. It worried me to use the fireplace all winter. I was afraid that if I were to allow the fireplace to burn all night long, I would burn the house down. I would let the fireplace burn out before I went to bed. I hoped that it would keep the house warm enough that I wouldn’t become a popsicle till morning. No matter how much I tried to keep the heat in the house, I still had to thaw my pipes several times through the winter. I finally saved enough money that I was able to get a new gas furnace. It keeps me warm and it is more efficient in energy and heating than the old furnace ever was.

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