There is a horrible smell coming from our air ducts.

I loved our new home, but I hate the air quality.

  • I’ve got to tell you that our home smelled pretty funky.

I knew there could be several sources of the smell, but I also knew that I had no idea which one was causing it. I had foliage that was covering the air conditioning unit. With all of the foliage, it had to be blocking off the airflow, which would keep the air conditioning unit from working properly. I knew the foliage probably could have even damaged the air conditioning unit. I called the HVAC company and I asked them to send someone out to clean the ductwork. I knew there were some problems with the ductwork, because I had a lot of dust on the floors and near the air vents. I told them that I was concerned with the air quality and they sent someone out within a couple of hours. Unfortunately, even after the ductwork was cleaned, I still had a smell in the air. The ductwork cleaning helped a little bit, but not enough. I knew that I was going to need to clean away the shrubbery and then I had to call the HvAC company back to work on the air conditioning unit. I went out and started snipping the shrubs that were blocking the AC unit. Once it was all cleared away, I could almost hear the aC unit take a deep breath. It finally had some airflow, but it was too late. The AC unit had been trying to get good airflow through the house and ductwork, but all it did was to burn out the blower motor. The air conditioning was now sending cooling AC all through the house and our air quality was fresh and clean..


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