My cousin Maggie told me that she’s dating her HVAC technician

When it comes to my cousin Maggie, you just never know who she’s going to come home with.

  • She likes to date a lot of different guys and she’s never had a very long relationship in all the time that I’ve known her.

But she recently started dating an HVAC technician and she really likes him. She told me that she met this HVAC technician when he came out to her house to work on her air conditioning system. She said that one day, her A/C simply stopped working for no apparent reason. She tried to fix it for a while but she couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Since it was the middle of summer and the weather was really heating up outside, Maggie said that she didn’t want to mess around and risk tearing up her central A/C system even worse than it already was. So she called up the local heating and cooling company and set up an emergency A/C appointment for later on that day. Then she went about her business and got ready for work. Maggie said that when the HVAC truck pulled into her driveway, she was completely shocked to see this gorgeous guy hop out of the truck. She said that he looked more like a model than a heating and cooling technician. She called off work that day and spent the rest of the morning talking to this guy while he worked on her air conditioning system. I’m surprised that she’s stuck around with him this long, but maybe love with the HVAC technician is going to be the real thing.

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