I had to call the HVAC company

My husband has a way of going out and fixing everything.

He will go gung ho whenever I say something is broken, and he will head out to fix it. I love that he wants to go fix everything as soon as it breaks. I hate that he really does try to fix everything and he always screws it up. I usually end up calling the repairman to fix what he had broken. Last month I had to call the plumber because he tried to stop the toilet from running. I knew that all I needed was a new ball valve, but he ripped the entire toilet off and I had to have a plumber replace everything. Yesterday, I had a problem with the air conditioning unit. I hated to say anything to him because I was sure he would run right outside with his tools. It wasn’t until he tried to lower the temperature on the thermostat and nothing happened that I realized he was no longer in the house. I picked up the telephone and I called the HVAC company. They said they could be here in about two hours and I mentally calculated how much damage he could do to the air conditioning in that amount of time. By the time the HVAC technician arrived, my husband was so lost and he had parts all over the yard. Later we found out that all we needed was new batteries in the thermostat. The HVAC technician changed out our batteries and he fixed our air conditioning unit. He also changed the air filters while he was at it.

furnace/heater tune-up