I finally have a good air conditioning unit

I was really worried about calling my HVAC company for a new air conditioning unit.

I knew I didn’t have the money at that time and I seriously considered just trying to get through the entire summer without an AC unit.

My mind was quickly changed when I noticed how bad my air quality was getting. There was a really bad odor in my house and it was unmistakable. The smell was coming from my air conditioning unit not running. I was sure that a lot of the odor was because of the humidity mixing with the dirt in the ductwork, and it was probably causing mold and mildew to build. It was getting so horrible, that against my better judgment, I called the HVAC. I had one of their technicians come to the house and look at my air conditioning unit. A part of me kept the hope that the air conditioning unit would be able to be resurrected, but I was wrong. I sat there talking to the HVAC tech and he told me that they had a payment plan that I may be able to fit into. AFter I did all of the paperwork, I found out that I was able to purchase my air conditioning unit on a twelve month plan. I was super thrilled and after the air conditioning unit was installed, I realized I had never had an air conditioning unit that worked so well. I was so thrilled with my new air conditioning unit that I had the HVAC tech install a new thermostat to go with the new AC unit.

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