Finally there is more than one HVAC company

Up until recently, we were what some call a one-horse town.

That used to mean that there was only one car, but for our town it meant that we only had one HVAC company available to us.

This HVAC company was a bit unethical. With them having the monopoly on the HvAC market in this area, they jacked up their prices to a point where everyone was going broke whenever they needed their heating or air conditioning repaired. We probably could have called the HVAC company in another town, but then we would have had to pay extra charges for out of the service area work. I was reading the newspaper and I saw an announcement for a new start-up company coming to our town. They didn’t actually call themselves a HVAC company, but they were a repair service that offered HVAC services. They were priced very fairly which meant the HVAC company had to drop their prices if they wanted to retain their customers. When they dropped their prices, the start-up company dropped theirs. Before anyone knew what was happening, they were both getting more work than they could handle. It was good for everyone, now that the start-up company had come in. Both the HVAC company and the start-up had more than enough customers and everyone had fair pricing for their HVAC needs. No one could believe how nice it was to have a choice in HVAC servicing. The HVAC technicians were able to choose their clients and everyone was happier for having more technicians who were able to work on heating and air conditioning..

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