Deciding to Get Solar Energy for HVAC is a Big Decision

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wondered why our country does not make better use of solar energy.

  • I have always thought having air conditioning, water heating, and the furnace running off the energy of the sun just makes good sense.

As a kid, I would ask people about it, and they mostly said that the technology to run the HVAC and such by using the sun was not yet available for a reasonable cost. Well, that was 45 years ago, and I am still hearing the same thing. It costs a lot of money to get solar power hooked up to your house, but I am still considering getting it. The most costly things to run in my house are the HVAC system and the water heater. If I could just get those two things to run on solar instead of the city electric department, I could probably save a ton of cash each month. I have been trying to determine what exactly has to happen in order for my air conditioner and heater to be powered by solar energy. I must admit that I am pretty confused by the whole thing. I have central heating and cooling, which is a pretty user-friendly system. I don’t want to give up the ease of flipping the switch on the thermostat to get my a/c to work, but I also don’t want to keep paying outrageous bills for electricity. I really need an HVAC service professional to come in and explain to me exactly how the whole thing would work and what I would need to do. This ia a big decision.

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