Welcome to Heating and A/C Thunderdome

I guess that bill is coming.

I can almost hear it getting slammed into the mailbox with a thud because it is so heavy with large numbers.

We’re in the middle of a truly tepid summer time plus this next few utility bills will be truly hard on our household budget. All of us are lucky enough to pay all our bills as they arrive but, it doesn’t come without some extreme checkbook gymnastics. In fact, the summertime Heating and A/C bills have been so large that I had to question our Heating and A/C system. I called out the professionals to have a look even though they were here in the Springtime for preventive repair. The heating plus cooling tech told me, while the Heating and A/C is on the downslope of productivity, it was still in good shape. He was able to assure myself and others the rise in energy bills was not due to Heating and A/C unit. The higher costs were due to how the Heating and A/C was being used. Somewhere in our heart I knew that Heating and A/C tech was going to say this truly thing. The people in our house act care about the Heating and A/C is just instant comfort with no consequence. I have walked into our house when it felt care about a fridge because our wifey plus kid had just been to the gym plus were too hot. My kid entirely had his window open the other morning while the cooling system was struggling against near triple digit temps. Well, that’s it. I asked the Heating and A/C pro to come back in a few days to install a smart temperature control. The Heating and A/C will now be under our control alone. I am setting it plus keeping the manual override code to myself.

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