Wasting all that cooling energy

I have one child, however she is no longer a child! She is a full-fledged adult, and, in fact, she is 29 years old.

She has owned her own home for various years, however she is now planning a move to another section of the state.

She has sold her home, but the buyers wanted to move in before the closing, so she had to move out. She is at my house. It is a sizable adjustment because neither of us has had to live with each other in more than nine years, the biggest thing that bugs me is that she wastes my my currency by typically running the a/c. I properly set the temperature control for 68 when I am leaving, plus when I get new home at night, I set the temperature control back down to 70. That is not cool enough for her. She insists on having the a/c temperature control set at 68 degrees! She prefers to sleep under a sizable comforter plus in order to do so she needs the a/c running at that rather cold temperature. Well, that costs a lot of currency. To be truthful, I kind of appreciate sleeping with the lower temperature control setting to, despite the fact that I don’t because I just can’t afford those high energy costs. I don’t love to waste currency or a/c, plus, she does a lot of labor from home, so often the temperature control is set really low all afternoon long, not just at night. I love my daughter, obviously, despite the fact that I am looking forward to having my little space to myself again soon.
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