Be Sure to Change Air Filter Often if Burning Candles biweekly

The air filter was basically unrecognizable

I normally relate candles to one of 2 things. Right away when I assume of candles I assume of cozy, romantic evenings. This makes my next stop seem oddly weird. Candles also make myself and others assume of the holidays. I almost dislike myself for having those 2 sentences in the same paragraph. But, it’s true. Perhaps I acquaintance these 2 images in my mind because both scenarios include my best friend and partner. That man loves some candles. And why not? They are beautiful to odor and set a mood just by being a controlled flame. That’s pretty cool. However, I found out the taxing way that they will take a toll on your Heating and Air Conditioning method if you’re not careful. During the holiday season, my partner will roll out maybe 50 or more candles through the season. I have consistently loved the plan of having the beach house lit almost entirely by candlelight. However, it didn’t entirely dawn on myself and others where all that wax was entirely going. That is until I heard my Heating and Air Conditioning method laboring. This was uncorrect since both of us live in an section where the Wintertide is so legitimately mild. But, in this instance, the Heating and Air Conditioning just would not shut off and there was also a odd pitch to the sound of the air handler. I shut the Heating and Air Conditioning method off to investigate. I found the culprit on the legitimately first try. The air filter was basically unrecognizable. When I opened the grate, the air filter fell out because it was so heavy with wax. I figured out real quick where all that burnt wax was going.