The cons of bus travels

Something a lot of people will say is that they love to travel, but they don’t mean real travel.

They usually are referring to getaway, then just check any popular social media website & it’ll show some beautiful model like person posing in front of a beach with a hashtag saying they love travel.

That’s not real travel. Real travel is when you go all over & when you stay all over, when you blend your culture with another’s & learn about that venue; And while traveling is a good eye opener for a lot of people, especially since it gives you a different perspective, there are some cons too. When travelling, depending on how you travel, you may or may not have sufficient heating or cooling, then sporadically no at all. Sadly, some of the venues I visited had no method what that even was, then it also gives you an appreciation for what you have. Traveling through tepid climates like the desert can be physically painful. Walking on that sand is like walking on burning coals; Excruciating, I would not request it. I like to travel by car, this way I constantly have some form of cooling & a oil furnace… But it’s not only tepid climates I deal with, I’ve dealt with enough chilly climates as well… Cold enough to provide you frostbite in half an hour, & enough to kill you in minutes. I love traveling but it can be rough. In those kinds of climates, I usually have to stay at a hotel, where there is a oil furnace to keep myself and others warm. Although occasionally your going to have a streak of terrible luck & their oil furnace will stop laboring, so you will have to deal with the chilly anyway.


HVAC professional