How they fix wrinkles

A neighbor of mine asked myself and others if I wanted to go have a facial with her.

She had won two tickets to a modern beauty salon plus she was to have a cryo toning facial plus a cryo slimming session on two parts of her body.

I thought it sounded kind of funny but since it was free, I thought it could be interesting. We made the appointment plus took off a morning of work to go have some fun. They told us all about cryotherapy plus how it could help. Cryotherapy was used to increase collagen production. This would help to lessen fine lines plus wrinkles. Cryotherapy also helped to make cellulite disappear plus those pock marks that are caused by fat pockets, would be gone. She promised us that unlike other cellulite treatments that can destruction the skin, the cryotherapy they use, was completely safe. Cryo toning facials should only be done about every other week to allow you plan to salvage plus leave you looking plus feeling amazing. I was still skeptical until the following morning. It had been a long time since I had been with the crow’s feet around our eyep, or the laugh lines around our mouth. I suddenly felt plus looked 5 years younger. We both had cryo slimming done to our butts plus our bellies. I don’t see a lot of differences but maybe in the next cryo slimming session, it will be more noticeable. They told us that both of us need to have at least 5 cryo slimming treatments before both of us will see a lot of difference. By after that I should have lost a full inch.


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