Why did I take my vacation in Florida?

Last winter I decided to visit a friend who lives in Florida.

She and I have been friends for over twenty years and we typically visit one another when we can.

Although this requires paying for airfare and a hotel, the time that we spend together is well worth it. Unfortunately, the only time that she had free for my visit in northern Florida was in July. I knew that it would be a terrible time to go there, but as it was winter when I made the plans, I put the whole timing thing in the back of my head and forgot about it. Well, the time had arrived, and I found myself in the deep South in the hottest part of the year. I took the airport shuttle to the hotel, and after checking in at the front desk, made my way to my room. Thankfully, it was wonderfully air conditioned. I unpacked, called my friend, and made my plans to meet her at an area cafe. I flagged a taxi, got into the back seat, and into stifling heat – both inside and out of the vehicle. The driver apologized over the fact that his air conditioner was broken as he drove me to my destination. I figured that the restaurant would be cool, and there wasn’t much that could be done about the taxi cab. Once I got dropped off, the heat from the street and sidewalk hit me hard. I rushed into the restaurant to meet my friend and was met with another blast of hot air – the restaurant’s air conditioning was malfunctioning! I was losing my patience – not to mention a ton of bodily fluids – by the minute. At least my friend agreed that we should leave the hot place at once to find a cooler place to eat.



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