Watching the parade with good heating

It was really cold out last Thanksgiving when they had the city’s annual parade for the holiday.

My uncle happens to have an apartment that overlooks the main street where they hold everything.

And because it was so cold, we really didn’t want to have to deal with it. But, we still wanted to see the parade. So, we went to our uncle’s apartment who has the best central heating in the area, and we watched the parade from there! It was really awesome. We got to sit in the wonderful heating and still enjoy the parade, while everyone else were freezing their buns off. My uncle had the thermostat set perfectly, and the climate control inside the apartment was as perfect as any climate control inside a home or apartment could be! Then, to top it off, he had a great dinner planned for the Thanksgiving holiday. My aunt was in the kitchen baking the turkey and cooking the stuffing. The air quality was great and smelled good at the same time. As a matter of fact, we were all getting so hungry from just the aroma of the great food in the air! The heating system was working, and then you had the heat from the oven also assisting in keeping us very warm. This was all in all, the best Thanksgiving I think I ever had! Next year, I hope that the heating system isn’t as needed and that we can maybe see the parade outside. But either way, it’s fine with me and id do it like this again.


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