The HVAC service discount card

I got a real lucky break when I got offered this awesome promotion from the local heating and air conditioning company. They were offering something called the HVAC service discount card! No, it wasn’t a credit card, it was a special membership that you paid a one time fee for, and you got discounts on any kind of heating and air conditioning installation and repair for life! They were offering this special promotion because a lot of people don’t use HVAC service regularly, so it wouldn’t warrant them getting one of their basic HVAC service plans. I was one of those people, so when this HVAC service discount card came about, I hopped on it right away. It was actually sold to me through one of those telemarketing style phone calls. I usually don’t even bother with those people and hang up on them all the time. But, this was from my local heating and air conditioning company, so I had to at least hear them out. The caller ID on my phone even said it was really my local heating and air conditioning company calling. They were having telemarketing type people calling direct from their office to the customer base who didn’t have an HVAC service plan, and offering this HVAC service discount card. The cost was two hundred dollars. But not per year. As I mentioned, it was two hundred dollars for life! The discount was thirty percent off. Now you can not tell me this isn’t the best deal ever that an HVAC company offered!


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