The concert sponsored by the HVAC company

Our local HVAC company did the most different and awesome thing last month, they actually sponsored this totally solid pop music concert! And this wasn’t no small time thing either. They got a lot of the top acts in pop music today on board! I don’t know how on earth a local heating and air conditioning company ended up pulling this off, but they did it! There was a small catch though. Everyone who wanted to get tickets for the concert had to have ordered some kind of heating and air conditioning repair or installation service within the last year. I was lucky in the fact that I had just had my yearly HVAC tune up and check up a few months ago before summer time began. That made me qualify to get tickets! Now, i’m personally not a fan of today’s pop music by any means, but my kids of course are. So this was more of a treat for my kids more than anything. I still thought it was totally awesome though! I have never seen my kids so happy to go anywhere or do anything until this nice big pop concert the local heating and air conditioning company was throwing for the city. It did cost us the ticket price, it wasn’t free. But the way they held the tickets was from being a loyal HVAC customer to this company. I think this was a smart promotional idea (though expensive) on their part. It will inspire more people to have HVAC home services done, because they did mention that next year, they will have another big surprise. I wonder what it will be?

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