My husband bought a brand new furnace at a yard sale

My husband and I seem to have had the worst time lately.

I had to stop working due to health issues which made our finances a bit tight.

Right after I stopped working, the furnace in our house went out. It was the end of the winter season, so we were not too worried about it right then, but we knew that we would need a new one before fall came. We started to save up for a new furnace, but then our vehicle died on us. The transmission went in our only vehicle, and it was old enough that it was not quite worth putting a new transmission into it. We ended up spending the money that we were saving for the furnace as part of a down payment for our new car. When September came, we were really concerned because we still did not have a new furnace, and we did not have the money to buy a new furnace. To be honest, we did not make enough money to have any to save for a furnace. We prayed and asked God to help us find a furnace for a really good deal. We thought that we would have to make payments on a furnace which is not something that we wanted to do, but we figured that it was our only option. The third week of September, one of our neighbors about two miles down the road decided to have a yard sale. They were moving, and they wanted to sell things quickly. My husband stopped by the yard sale and saw a brand new furnace for sale. He ended up paying fifty dollars for a brand new furnace, and we were able to stay warm last winter!


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