How I discovered my favorite diner

I remember my first day visiting this diner in town very fondly.

It was around lunch time, and my boss let me go home from work early because it was clear I was coming down with a cold. Trouble was, it was wet and cold outside. I cranked up my car’s heating unit and was heading home when I realized I didn’t have much at home to eat. I surely didn’t feel like going shopping. That’s when I decided to pull up at this diner I’d heard about, but never visited. I smelled something really good when I walked through the doors. I also noticed that it was super warm and cozy inside. I guess their heating system was marvelous, or at least it really felt that way. I asked the waitress what smelled so good, and she knew what I was talking about immediately. They just got done cooking up their special gumbo for the lunch crowd, and I just had to have some. I also ordered a coffee while I waited for them to prepare the soup to try and fight the grogginess that was overcoming me from the delightful heat. The soup turned out to be the best I’ve ever tasted hands down. Maybe I just tasted it at a time when I really needed something warm and filling to help combat my oncoming cold. Maybe their heating system was pretty average too, but that afternoon it felt divine to me! I went home, cranked up my own thermostat, and had a nice long nap!


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