Changes in factories are a must

Have you ever had the pleasure of working in a factory before? If you haven’t, I would not recommend it at all.

  • Factory works are the worst end of the spectrum, and they tend to spend money more than minimum wage, & they are pretty repetitive.

The blessings end there. Factory works are lifeless, and you sit on your feet for countless hours on end, making the same repetitive motions; Also, Heating & Air Conditioning units in those buildings are the worst that I have ever experienced. These factory buildings are important and are not honestly efficient for insulation. The weather outside heavily affects the inside, making it strenuous to job comfortably. While they do have a pressing air conditioning in the building, they might as well not promote it. You can never know that the air conditioning working to make you comfortable, during the Summer, it is just as humid outside as it is inside, if you are working in the truck, it is even worse, however rather than feeling love an air-conditioned room, it feels as if the oil furnace was left on the highest setting. During the Wintertime, it was literally the opposite. Their oil oil furnaces were a bit more powerful than their air conditioning, but you would get chilly if you ever stopped moving your body. In the trucks, you had to wear blazers to stay sizzling because the oil oil furnaces never reached the inside of the trucks. It seems to myself and others that if there are hiring dozens of men and women to do manual labor, they could at least afford better air conditioning & oil furnaces… People job a lot harder if they assume comfortable & enjoyed, & I am sure that higher quality air conditioning and oil furnaces would make people feel that way.

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