This country is awesome

I don’t consider myself to be too far behind when it comes to technology.

Okay, maybe I’m lagging behind a little slower than some people.

I don’t quite have a 4K definition television yet. 1080p is still alright with me. I certainly don’t have the latest smartphone, but I do have a smartphone, so that counts right? I also have a tablet, but it’s a cheaper model I hear they typically give to kids. It suits my needs just fine. I will admit that I was pretty far behind in HVAC technology until recently. Just like with everything else, I didn’t feel the need to upgrade quite yet. I was using an old dial thermostat. I really didn’t think it needed to be any more complicated than turning the dial to the temperature that you desire. However, I started to wonder one day about how I might stop forgetting to turn the air or the heat off when I leave to go anywhere. It was also bothering me that even if I remembered to do so, I still had to go to the thermostat to turn it back on when I got home. Then it shouldn’t be that are “programmable” thermostat is called programmable for a reason. I double-checked, but that definitely includes setting a schedule to turn heat or air on or off during a certain time of the day. At that point, I finally decided that my old dial thermostat was indeed outdated. I bought a programmable thermostat, and I admit that I’m quite happy with the results!
Central heating

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